More Bunnies and Teeth!!!

Charles Kraft - Nitrous Bunny 2009
Charles Kraft is really great taking traditional 'Crafty if you will methods and presenting edgy objects making really strong statements.Using all the traditional materials of Dutch Delft painting, Charles Krafft brings the art solidly into the 20th century with the creation of art works that reflect our modern realities. Floods, fires, murders, Nazi atrocities and artistic angst rise up from these plates rather than quaint windmills and skaters dressed in ancient costumes. All art should be relevant to our lives and experiences or it will not extend our sense of reality and truth.Charles Kraft is a leading exponent of silkscreen printing on ceramic. This technique gives him a highly individual approach to his work, which is both creative and conceptual. His political works range from commentary on the holocaust to an anti-war propaganda firmly in the tradition of John Hartfield and the photomontage movement of the 1930's.

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Amanda Spayd
Hand made custom toys/plushes have a creepy vintage feeling like they are other worldly creatures from the hole in your attic wall... you know they exist they are real and they are coming for you.

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