The first fallen yanked out tooth of an entry...

This may or may not stick... I just thought of having a bit of fun and creating another distraction ,a deviation into the mouth of art and mouth art and all things related loosely to toothies. I am thinking from Medical art to Contemporary to Fairy Tales, movies, photos,poems to Dreams its all for the picking and yanking. I will floss my way through the toothy landscape of the web and see what kind of build up I bring to you. A blog about teeth it makes me laugh and laughing exposes teeth so it's all related. I have a connection to teeth ever since I was a kid I have grown 'em, lost 'em and grew 'em back had them pulled filled ,braced and broken. We all have our stories and memories and dreams that come back to ye olde tooth. Pearly wonders, rotten tragedies they are the bones we expose and show every day to the world they are the base the foundation for expressing joy and anger. Simply I make this blog because I have an attraction toward teeth and felt like making an online collection of things I come across or that are sent to me that tickle my sweet tooth. And on that note here are some images to kick off this blog some of my work which involves teeth... and now off to the dentist to get this dang cavity filled.

'The Seconds Drip As Time Devours All' ©2007 Angie Mason Window Box World
The Seconds Drip As Time Devours All'
©2007 Angie Mason Window Box World by Angie Mason

'The Rotten Tooth Gang'©Angie Mason 2005
The Rotten Tooth Gang © Angie Mason 2005

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